Program EMAS - Plans & Benefits

Understand our programme's plans and benefits in detail.

Here are the Program EMAS features:

Enrolment fee rates are the same for every individual, either male or female, under the age of 64 years and 6 months. (From the Age of 64 years and 6 months to 70 with Health declaration and subject to the underwriter’s approval)

The Program EMAS offers comprehensive takaful/insurance protection which include:

  • 24-hour protection, worldwide.
  • Attractive Takaful/Insurance Cost which is affordable for all members of the cooperatives and their dependents.
  • Easy to join the Program EMAS due to group underwriting arrangements by the takaful/insurance company.
  • Muslim members are offered complete professional funeral management services through the Program EMAS.
  • Cash Back Rewards Card

    *Subject to terms and conditions.

Hospitalisation & Surgical Benefits

Life Protection Benefits

*Maximum limit RM5,000

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

*Maximum limit RM5,000

Outpatient G.P. Clinics Consultancy Service

Special Benefits For Program EMAS Members

* The above protection schedule is a joint venture with the company’s selected insurance and takaful provider.
*Acceptance of pre-existing illness is subject to the approval from underwriters with terms and conditions to start the coverage after 12 months.
*The above benefits are subject to terms and conditions of the underwriters.

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