Program EMAS - Plans & Benefits

Understand our programme's plans and benefits in detail.

Here are the Program EMAS features:

Enrolment fee rates are the same for every individual, either male or female, under the age of 65. (From the Age of 65 to 70 with Health declaration and subject to the underwriter’s approval)

The Program EMAS offers comprehensive takaful/insurance protection which include:

  • 24-hour protection, worldwide.
  • Attractive Takaful/Insurance Cost which is affordable for all members of the cooperatives and their dependents.
  • Easy to join the Program EMAS due to group underwriting arrangements by the takaful/insurance company.
  • The overseas emergency assistance benefit enables members to have a peace of mind.
  • Muslim members are offered complete professional funeral management services through the Program EMAS.
  • Cash Back Rewards Card

    *Subject to terms and conditions.

Hospitalisation & Surgical Benefits

Life Protection Benefits

*Maximum limit RM5,000

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

*Maximum limit RM5,000

Outpatient G.P. Clinics Consultancy Service

Special Benefits For Program EMAS Members

* The above protection schedule is a joint venture with the company’s selected insurance and takaful provider.
* Acceptance of pre-existing illness is subject to the approval from underwriters with terms and conditions to start the coverage after 180 days.
* The above benefits are subject to terms and conditions, for more details visit

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